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Below is a downloadable link for our church constitution in PDF format.


Communications Policy

Fundraiser Requests

Here at Hope, we recognize that occasional fundraisers are a useful method for certain groups to raise additional funds to support specific projects and events. We also want to limit the use of fundraisers to a rhythm and frequency that is appropriate for our congregational context. This being true, our process for “approving fundraiser requests” is as follows:

  1. The requesting “Group/Organization” should send an email to our congregation’s Treasurer. The email should provide the NAME OF THE GROUP making the request, a CONTACT PERSON, PHONE NUMBER, DATE OF FUNDRAISER, DESCRIPTION OF FUNDRAISER, FINANCIAL GOAL and any ADDITIONAL COMMENTS.
  2. The Treasurer will refer the request to the Finance Team for their endorsement.
  3. The Treasurer will bring the Finance Team’s recommendation to the church Council for final approval.
  4. The Treasurer will update the requesting “Group/Organization” regarding the Council’s decision.