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What you wish you knew about Teens and Digital Media

This is a great article that includes a conversation between representatives of Fuller Youth Institute and author Danah Boyd, author of the book It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens. (read FYI’s initial review of the book.) Boyd is a Principal Researcher at Microsoft, a Professor at New York University, and a Fellow at Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society. Fortune magazine nicely summed up boyd’s substantial resume by calling her “the reigning expert on how young people use the Internet.”

Vibrant Faith at Home


Whether your household includes teenagers, young children, young adults, adults, grandparents or all of the above, our friends at Vibrant Faith at Home provide a great variety of activities, videos and conversation starters for helping  you and your household to develop vibrant faith. You can create a profile and login for free (you can even use your Facebook account to login).

Check out these selections or check the site for yourself:

  • God is with your child wherever they go. Check out this activity to help families “Starting School.”
  • Creating a Homework Routine – Young people who are more engaged in school and complete their homework well are more likely to enjoy going to school—and also tend to do better academically. Work together to make this happen.
  • As parents, we bring our children before the church in the sacrament of baptism and promise to place in their hands the Bible. Even though they grow up too fast, we still have the opportunity to seize the time we have. Read here about ways to enjoy the Bible for Breakfast!

Center for Parent Youth Understanding

Our ministry partners at the Center for Parent Youth Understanding (CPYU) are committed to bridging the gap of technology, media and culture that continues to grow between children and their parents.

Here are a few selections or click the link above to see more:

  • Are you preparing to send your child off to college? Check out CPYU’s College Transition Initiative for articles, media and research to help make the transition healthy for your child and your family.
  • Finished or finishing high school and not sure if college is the right step to take next. Learn about the opportunities of some Gap Year Programs to focus your life on God and prepare for your future.
  • With titles like: “How touch screens are changing the world for kids” and “How do I stop my kids from multi-tasking?” CPYU’s News from the World of Youth Culture helps adults enter into the world in which teens and children live.


  • One thing CPYU puts out are trend alerts. With the recent MTV Video Music Awards, lots of people are talking about “twerking.” Check out this article to learn more about it and how we can use this opportunity to talk with our kids.
  • From CPYU’s “Digital Kids Initiative” – here’s A Parent’s Guide to Cyberbullying by Walt Mueller
  • Are your teenagers on Instagram? If so, you should Instagram_Icon_Mediumcheck out this Guide for Parents. If you don’t know what Instagram is or even if you do, you probably haven’t consider the realities of this social media phenomenon from the perspective of your kids.